Meet Maedara (If you dare!)


Today we are honored at Paws4Thought to be visited by Lady Maedara. Some of our readers my remember Maedara from her central role in Michael Chulsky‘s book, The Descending Darkness.

Welcome Maedara and thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule of sinister doings and shoe store visits to stop by at our humble blog.

A: You’re most welcome! I was quite surprised to be invited in for an interview. It’s not every day that people exactly get what I do. After all, I’m an artist – we tend to be misunderstood.

So tell us a bit about yourself Maedara. What do you want our readers to know about the real you?

A: Well I think there’s this misconception floating around that I’m this scary unnecessarily violent person. And I resent that. I think my violence is very necessary. I mean, come on…have you met some of the people in this world? They’re BEGGING to be slapped around. I like to think of what I do as community service. Just think about it. With every person I kill, that’s one less stupid person walking the streets and potentially more, depending on if they were attractive enough to breed and create equally stupid offspring.

People should be thanking me and not running away screaming. It’s just so rude.

We realize that you are already supremely powerful, but If you could add one new superpower what it be?

A: Hmm.

I’d want the ability of resurrection. Why? Because if someone makes me mad and I beat them to death…they’re, well, dead. That’s it. But if I had the power of resurrection I could really get into the whole revenge thing. You know what I mean? I don’t think I’d ever get bored.

What is your favorite outfit?

A: I have hundreds, if not thousands of outfits. It’s hard to pick just one. But that’s not an answer, is it? Ugh, fine. I guess my favorite outfit is my black silk, sequined gown. It’s beautiful. And when the sequins catch the light, it’s indescribable.

 How many pairs of shoes do you own?

A: I think if I went through each and every pair of shoes I own, we’d be here an entire day. Or two. So I’ll just guestimate that I have about four-thousand pairs or so. Maybe even five. I haven’t counted in years.

 Any hint on the source of your wealth?

A: I owe a lot of it to my parents. They were very wealthy…when they were alive. And because I was their, uh, only living child, I inherited it all. Aren’t I just lucky?

Do you have a favorite musician or band?

A: I’m a huge fan of Evanescence. I think their sound is hauntingly beautiful and their lead singer, Amy Lee, is probably the only woman in the world whose beauty rivals my own.

Do you have any musical talents of your own?

A: Unfortunately, no. I can’t sing to save my life. But I’m not too upset, honestly. I mean, think about if I COULD sing…it would simply be unfair! Gorgeous, fashionable, wealthy, AND powerful? If you added singing onto the table everyone would die of envy. And then there would be nobody to worship me!

All your evil doings must make you very hungry. What is your favorite food?

A: Well, that’s a toughie. It’d be easier to tell you what I don’t like.

I don’t eat fast food. That stuff is bad for the complexion. I have all my meals home cooked by my minions/servants. Have you ever tasted food cooked by demons? Probably not. It’s terrible. They don’t know how to cook. It’s all fire and burning things to a crisp with those guys.

I find that after a long day’s work I enjoy a nice salad.

What do you most like doing in your free time?

A: Shopping! Is there anything else?

Is there a special someone in your life?

A: You mean like my servants? Or maybe my main minion, Mezmir. Does he count? Or do you mean more…personal? *blushes* I’ll have to say no. And even if I did have someone special in my life, I most certainly wouldn’t talk about it in an interview. A real lady doesn’t kiss and tell.

What made you join Twitter?

A: It was a spur of the moment decision. I was sitting around one day, you know, thinking about how much people love me and that’s when it hit me: I need to find a way to broadcast my thoughts so that all my adoring fans can be entertained. I did a bit of searching and eventually I found Twitter. There was no other option.

You can follow Queen Maedara on Twitter – 


And pick up your copy of Descending Darkness by Michael Chulsky at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones or directly from Rocking Horse Publishing.




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