Astrologers Get It Right?


The Fauxpocalypse Project

Waiting for Grijalva to strike the Earth, many opinions would have sprung up about whether it was inevitable and what it might mean, and many articles would have been written supporting or decrying these opinions. One such article might have been:

Astrologers Get It Right?


Often relegated to tea-break banter, astrologers seem to provide only the vaguest answers, applicable to any circumstances with hindsight. However, they might be right about Comet Grijalva.

With astronomy still producing equivocal, technical theories about the exact effects of Grijalva, it is no surprise many people are turning to other sky-watchers for answers.

Comets are infrequent visitors to our night skies; infrequent enough that some astrologers do not include them in their calculations. However, others believe they have identified the comet’s power.

Harbingers of Climate Change

Constance Zwick describes comets as signs of upcoming powerful environmental change, suggesting correlations…

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