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The last story in Fauxpocalypse, Full Moon,  the talented and prolific Dacia Wilkinson. Today on Paws4Thought we welcome Dacia. Tell us a little bit about yourself, 

I’m an Oklahoma girl living in St. Louis. Of course, I’ve been in Missouri now longer than I lived in Oklahoma, but you just can’t take the Oklahoma out of the girl. Most of my work has some Oklahoma in it. By trade I’m an English teacher, who also teaches Psychology, at a local trade school. I’m in love with that part of my life, just like I’m loving the other part of me who is a wife and mother to 6. My husband is a self-employed landscaper who spends his free time on a Harley. Our 6 kiddos range in age from 17 to 6. Ours is a busy existence – and life is good, even when it’s hectic. I struggle to find time to write, but it’s all good.

 What inspired your Fauxpocalypse story, Full Moon?

Being that I’ve given birth 6 times and several of those happened on a full moon night … it hit me … there’d be a lot of hanky panky that last night of earth, just because … and nine months later … Yikes, if it’s busy on a regular full moon night … what about the full moon night after the end of the world?  It struck me as very funny, so I had to write it, giggling as I pictured some of the event unfolding.

I love the name Kalynne. Does it have any significance?

If I had had another daughter, I’d have named her Kalynne. My cousin’s daughter’s name is Kellyn and I love it. Always have – it’s the name of a free-spirited girl. Kellyn is and I adore her. So, my character is part the 3rd daughter I didn’t have and part my second cousin. I have a Kennedy and a Kadi … a Kaylnne would have fit right in. BUT, we are so done. 6 is a good number.

What do you think the future would look like for John Mercy and his parents?  

I picture them on land, some acreage, where Greg has learned to full supply the needs of his family and crafted a way to make money in the process –cutting wood, growing food, living off the land, and staying away from civilization. In my mind, Greg is done with the world his father wanted for him and having faced the end of the world, the collapse of all they knew, he and Kalynne decided to go it on their own. They have acreage with a river flowing through it – oh yeah, I see their future … and, I’d like to go there too.

If you thought the world was going to end, what would you do?

Tag along with my husband in his preparations. But truly, it’s not a concern I have. If the world is going to end, so be it. That will be glory for me. Before my Grandmother died, she sang to us, “Oh that will be glory for me, glory for me, glory for me. When I at last my Savior will see, that will be glory, be glory for me.” I just don’t get worked up about things I can’t change.

Tell us about your published books?

  • In April 2012, A Kiss in the Rain was originally publishing through Mockingbird Lane Press. It’s the story of Adeline and Danielle, two women running from their pasts, tormented by lost love, and separated in age by 60 years. They find in their friendship the ability to heal and discover love comes most often when it’s not sought. I am currently working on the 2nd edition with revisions and a new cover.
  • For Love of Words is the first book I wrote, but not the first published. With all of me, I believe reading aloud is an art form, so I created a novel wrapped around the idea. Alison is a young woman working on her second masters’ degree. She needs direction for her thesis and she wanders into a small bookstore where she meets Henry. Her life will never be the same. This book interweaves the art of reading with Native American oral storytelling tradition. Published June 2013.
  • The American Queen: Escaped introduces you to Alice Hatcher, First Lady of the United States, the most miserable woman in the world – she believes. Through a bit of coercion from the man she believes loves her, she escapes to live a new life – Juliet style. But in her bid for freedom, she discovers all is not as it seems, and finds she’s running from more than a lack of privacy and annoying flashing cameras. Also published June 2013.
  • In the anthology Not Your Mother’s Book: on Motherhood I have a short story called “Mom in the Middle.” Basically … I took my mantra that I should just stand in the middle of the room with arms outstretched answering questions and not try to accomplish anything else … yeah, sounds negative, but really it’s quite humorous and tells a good story of perspective.
  • Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories is an anthology in which, my short story “The Devil’s Promenade” rounds out the collection with a telling of a legend surrounding the
    Joplin Spooklight.

(I would also like to encourage all those with kids to buy Dacia’s picture book “Not Real and Never Will Be” – a super cute story that she wrote originally for own kids. DMK.)

What are you currently working on?

  • The American Queen: Redeemed – I’m in the throes of Alice’s reconciliation to the life she thought she despised. I cannot say more … it’s coming, soon. 88,000 words, but lots of editing to go. It’s looking like there will be a third chapter in Alice’s journey.
  • The second edition of A Kiss in the Rain … and I’m very excited about it!
  • And … two of my son’s are Aspies. They both have an Asperger’s diagnosis which has made me an activist for level one autism to some degree. I’m working on a memoir of my 11 year olds life thus far. His is more severe – it’s hard to write, but harder to live, and I know the importance of sharing what we’ve learned on this journey together. At the beginning of our journey, I never spoke about it and suffered in silence. Since, I’ve come to understand parents of children with ‘differences’ need each other and need information they don’t know how to find.

What’s the one best writing tip, you’ve ever been given?

Build your characters, toss them into a situation, and let them tell the story.

If you had a chance to meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

I really want to say … Fiction or Nonfiction? That makes this a much more pleasing scenario. Fiction – easy. Heathcliff. Oh, how I love that dark and brooding man that Emily Bronte birthed from her fascinating mind. So maybe in truth, to meet the Bronte sisters and ask them writing questions … like how did you write such amazingly tragic love affairs when you rarely left your home? I’d love to share a spot of tea with them, even though I don’t drink tea – I would for those ladies.

And then … Flannery O’Connor, another reclusive writer. Her spiritual undertones blow my mind. How does a woman with so little life experience write about humanity’s gravest issues in such complex and inviting ways? With Flannery O’Connor, I’d want to sit on a back porch step and chat while waiting for the Bible salesman to walk by. And, Megyn Kelly, Maria Shriver, Angelina Jolie – working mothers with intelligent minds, who work to better the world around them and maintain their privacy.

I’m feeling a theme here, aside from the incredibly mournful and hauntingly sensual Heathcliff, my choices are private, intelligent women who hide behind characters, cameras or the pages of a book, telling amazing stories with their lives and the bold, beautiful imaginations they’ve been blessed to possess. I think what we’ve created here is my “Who do I want to be when I grow up” list.

How can readers connect with you?

Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress.

Check out Dacia’s books on Amazon.

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