The End is in Sight

Will really miss All on the Same Page. It’s true to say that without the writer’s group that’s meets there once a month I would be not be published today – and certainly wouldn’t have made a bunch of very good friends.

Robin Writes

Just like Main Street Books in St. Charles, AOTSP will begin closing out at the end of January; unlike MSB, it’s not because we’re retiring. Darn the luck.

Only a miracle can make a difference at this point. Sales were way down in December, half what we expected, and things are . . . tight, to say the least. So we have to make a decision:

If we could “find” $10K, we could stay open until our lease is up September 30 and maybe business will pick up.

If we could “find” $20K, we could extend our hours and stay in business through the next holiday season and again, hope for the best.

Or, someone could make an offer to buy – $30K.

On the other hand, the economy is still pretty much in the tank, Amazon can afford loss leaders in the form of books and we can’t, and…

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