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Today on Paws4Thought I’m pleased to introduce Fauxpocalypse author Kim Plummer. Tell us a little bit about yourself Kim.

Second of three daughters, born of an electrician and a dancer, my role in school and at home was “The Clumsy Clown”. Too tall to be average, I grew up in a hunch, trying as best I could not to stand out. A few years back, I suddenly found myself single for the first time since I was twenty! Then I discovered a whole new version of me. A version that doesn’t mind standing tall. I have a nice life in Sydney, Australia, with my twin daughters, Penny and Lucy. And my Clark Kent cover? During the day, mild-mannered Preschool Teacher!

When did you first start writing?

My blog was born just over a year ago. At the same time I penned a novel, which to date sits waiting, almost patiently, on a USB in my Grandmother’s pumpkin vase. Writing has always been my release valve, but only became a necessity this past year. Being a reader, I guess it finally dawned on me, that perhaps I could have a crack at the other side of what I adore so much. So write I did, hardly lifting my head to say “Not now, Mumma’s working.” I wrote seventy-five thousand words in a little under six months. That was it. I was addicted. Argh, I hate the negative connotations to that word. But it is what it is. I need to write.

What inspires you to write? 

People. There are precious few of these people in my life that when I speak to them, I am moved to the keyboard. It may be a word, an idea, a look, a movement, that one curl amongst dead straight hair; and I’m off. Stories are a part of my every day. And everyone has one or two really good ones in ’em. My Grandmother was one of my favourite storytellers. Her words and anecdotes filter into my work, and probably always will.

Tell us about your Fauxpocalypse story, Alice.

When Misha Burnett mentioned his idea of the end of the world that never eventuates, my first thought was; imagine if you had a mental issue. If you couldn’t even cope with normal, let alone a Fauxpocalypse. What would happen to you? Then I met Alice.

Poor Alice has lived an isolated life since the death of her brother. With many mental issues including OCD and Social Phobia, she is forced into a world very far from normal. Soon lost and overwhelmed, she is met by the first human contact she has had in seven years. Ed and Pauly, Paramedics on a mission to patch up the wounded and cut free the captive. So what happens to a life lived vicariously when the safety of your home is no more, and all around you is dirty life? You can only live in the shadows for so long, eventually light will find you. Ready or not.

How realistic do you believe the world you paint in Alice is?

There are many realities. I think the world I painted was very real, for Alice. When faced with the end of the world, I think the unthinkable could become reality – very quickly.

What do you think would happen next, to Ed, to Pauly, to Alice?

Good question! Well, Alice is off her meds, and that can never be a good thing. Pauly has the patience of a five-year old the night before Christmas, so I’m pretty sure the conflict between them would escalate. And Ed? Well, he would tuck Alice safely under his wing for as long as she would hold still. Alice has never known care before. To be thought about and worried over, would be new to her. But somehow, she is more drawn to Pauly. His careless attitude is more familiar, and Ed’s goodness seems somehow unreal. And I’d better stop there because I am just realising now, there could be a lot more to that story and I don’t think you wanted another 12 thousand words!

If you thought the world was going to end, what would you do?

Something I have never had the guts to do… and nothing I would mention here! But seriously. To hold and be held. What more is there in life than loving the ones dear to us?

What are you currently working on?

Not much at the moment. I write-to-learn most days, though it’s usually nothing worth publishing. There are a couple of poems kicking about; one that begins beautifully, but I’m still waiting for its friends to catch up. That USB in the pumpkin vase calls to me now and again too.

How can readers connect with you?

My blog:

Twitter: @kimplummer4

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