A Conversation with Adrian George Nicolae


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 24-year old from Bucharest, Romania. Besided writing, I do voice over.

In my non-writing time I like to learn through MOOC’s (massive online open courses) on sites like Coursera and Iversity (among others) or see inspiring videos about design and success.

And I like to eat a lot, although I’m somewhat skinny 🙂

(DMK: I’m sure a lot of folks are jealous of that!)

Do you normally write in English or your native Romanian? Which language do you dream in?

In English. In Romanian I wrote about 3-4 things and I switched to English soon after. It’s the language I enjoy writing and speaking in, even though I don’t have anyone with whom to speak.

When I dream (because it happens rarely) it’s a mix between both languages.  Some freakier, but more to the psyche are in Romanian, or from Romanian places I know. The fiction ones are in English.

(DMK: I lived in Israel for 8 years and spoke Hebrew on a day-to-day basis, but don’t recall ever dreaming in the language, that’s one of the reasons I was interested in this. It seems to me that to write in a language that is not your mother tongue is a courageous thing and not something I would ever attempt.)

You paint a very dim picture of humanity in After the Comet; do you believe this is realistic?

Yes. Similar killings have happened in history, and will happen again.  But probably not because of a comet.

I loved the “Horror Museum of Arts” and the character of Sir Albert. Are you planning to revisit these in another story? 

I usually write a one-time story. However, the town’s name, Tessera, was used in a novella I didn’t get to finish. Who knows what will happen in the future.

What do you think Grant would do next? Would he survive?

I think Grant would go on his journey and see a lot of atrocities. Whether he becomes a part of them, is, again, a mystery.

Would the earth ever recover completely in your vision? What would a future earth look like, maybe in twenty years?

That earth is dead from a certain point of view. Too many people have died, and not just in Tessera.

In twenty years time, I suppose the oceans will have been dried partially, the winter poles turned into oceans instead and more sandy areas would surface. Also, the gas / petrol might get depleted by then, judging by how fast we waste it.

Obesity will be more prevalent than it is today because people simply refuse to work out/run.

I think we’ll be similar to what happened in Wall-E. Sadly, I don’t think it made such a big impact over the world.

Besides those, I see a place where technology and revolutions progress together, but separately. You see plenty of people living in the streets these days (including in Bucharest) and I can see why.

To put it succinctly, if people don’t wake up from their greed, the world will go the route of films like Judge Dredd, but with less power to the government.

What do you normally like to write?

Dark fiction, or neo noir, but yesterday I learned I write Mainstream fiction. Basically, in many of my stories or poems (I tend to do things differently in scripts) people either die or think about it.

I don’t intend to write like that, it’s just second nature, I guess.

Any more writing projects in the works? Or other anthologies?

I’m starting a YA novel about a girl who’s fed up with living in a backwoods town and goes to live in an artistic town where you get paid by what you create. It’ll be quite the adventure as I’m using characters and setting from a previous novel I didn’t get to finish.

I’m waiting for answers on other anthologies.

Other projects are through Facebook groups, but so far, they are in the works.

How can readers connect with you?

Facebook – www.facebook.com/adriangeorgenicolae

Twitter – @AdrianGeorgeNic

Blog – adriangeorgenicolae.blogspot.com


6 thoughts on “A Conversation with Adrian George Nicolae

  1. Lots of thought in this interview, Adrian. Very interesting. I’ve not actually seen Wall-E, myself.
    I love the sound of that YA where one gets paid by what one creates. That’s the kind of world in which I’d be involved! 😉

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