I hate snow. I have always hated snow. The father of one of my best friends has the perfect name for it. They call it “God’s white feces” . Yep.

The above picture came across my Facebook feed this morning and made me smile, because strangely enough it reminded of my time back in Jerusalem with Cici.

About once a year Jerusalem gets snow. I must stress here they do get it almost every year, yet somehow the Jerusalemites get snow amnesia – they forget about the snow the rest of the year, so that they think of it as something special again when it rears its ugly white head again the following winter. 

OK, I understand, it’s pretty, but it also knocked out my electricity for three days when I was living in my tiny one room apartment with outside toilet in Jerusalem.

And here we come to Cici. You see her toilet was also outside – across the courtyard which was now inexplicably covered with this nasty cold white stuff. Tentatively she put out a paw and edged her way out into courtyard and then plop, she was gone. Understand that a cat, is much shorter than the dog in the picture, So she simply disappeared into snow.

Meowwwwwwwww! In less than 30 seconds she had scrambled out of the snowy mess and ran back into the apartment. I ventured forth and brought the litter box in from the bathroom into the bedroom and there we camped until the snow went away and power returned.

And let me tell you, Cici definitely understood about the power. My one room apartment was normally heated by a small space heater. During those cold days we snuggled together under the covers of my bed, but as soon as the lights came back on, Cici ran to sit in front of the heater, she understood that power meant the heat was back too!

So my friends in all the cold and snowy spots, keep warm, enjoy your snow if you’re so inclined and if you’re like me and hate the stuff let’s all think warm thoughts and maybe it will melt into spring.


Cici enjoying a warmer day! 

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