Reflections on 2013 and Remembering Kitty

2013 was a different year, a better year. It was the year I became a published author. In June Rocking Horse published my book P.A.W.S. Later in the year I was published two more times, in Flash It! and Fauxpocalypse. But it was not just that I was published, it was that I became part of a community of writers.

In November 2012 when I attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time I was alone. Sure I read the pep talks that NaNo sent me and logged on each day to record my word count, but my Facebook friends and real life friends were on the whole not writers. They cheered me on if I posted a word count, but didn’t quite get what I was trying to do. Maybe I didn’t get it myself.

I wrote P.A.W.S. because I had to, because the story burned inside me. I had few thoughts that it would be published or that I would even share it with anyone. After all I’d been writing my whole life, but never finished or shared anything.

So it was with a huge amount of trepidation that I took the prologue of P.A.W.S. to the writer’s group at All On The Same Page and read it aloud. The response and support of the other writers blew me away and I can honestly say that without their support I wouldn’t be a published writer today.

Yesterday I heard the sad news that a friend of mother’s in Karmiel, Kitty Kolker passed away. Kitty was a wonderful woman and also had a story inside her that the world needed to hear and in 2007, she self-published a book “Freda”, a fictional war memoir, that she dedicated to her husband Lipman.

Lipman and Kitty, Kitty and Lipman – whenever I visited Karmiel they were always together. My heart goes out to Lipman Kolker today. RIP Kitty.


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