7 Different Types of Readers: Which Do You Write For?

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

S1207951_woman_reading_at_homeometimes it feels like there are as many ways to read, and as many reading preference, as there are readers. We can read with a focus on learning or on entertainment. We can actively engage and question the text, or we can be more passive. We can read to challenge and push ourselves, or we can read as a form as escapism.

When it comes to fiction, of course, “learning” as a underlying purpose for reading is much more rare than for a nonfiction text. That doesn’t mean there aren’t multiple ways, or reasons, to read a novel.

Readers come in all shapes and sizes. Here are just a handful of types we writers should be aware of:


These are readers who delve into literary fiction, and don’t understand how other people can call a character study “boring” or say that “nothing happens.”

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