Christmas Kitten

Another kitty I thank in my dedication of P.A.W.S. is Pinky. In this story from Twas the Night Before, my husband talks about how he first met Pinky – the Christmas Kitten.


Christmas Kitten

It was a sad fall when my long time kitty

companion left me. I missed having a cat around

the house. I called everyone who advertised free

kittens, but was always too late. All gone, too

close to Christmas. Then I saw an ad: “Christmas

Kittens – Just two left”. I rushed to the address

and as I walked to the door someone came out

carrying a kitten. “Don’t worry,” she said, seeing

my dismay, “there’s one left.” Inside I found the

cutest little kitten. He looked almost exactly like

my last cat. Except for the nose. His nose was

pink. So I called my new companion Pinky.

Ian Kupfer

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