The Other Rudolph

As Santa gets ready for his yearly trip around the world (I hope he keeps track of his frequent flyer miles!) choosing reindeer for the trip becomes paramount. Here are a couple of tales from Twas the Night Before . . .


North Pole Problems

 “Rudolph, have you got into the peppermint schnapps again? When Santa told you to get into Christmas spirit, that’s not what he meant! No, there’s no use lying to me. Your nose is bright red, some may even say it glows. No wonder the other reindeer wouldn’t let you join in any reindeer games. And have you done your homework yet? Don’t look at me like that Rudolph. You know what will happen if you don’t study for your social science test, you’re going to flunk. And you what that will mean, don’t you Rudolph? You’ll go down in History!”

 Debbie Manber Kupfer


The Reindeer Games

 Rudolph crouched behind the igloo. He could see Blitzen in the distance on the other side of the snowbank. She was the last. Dasher and Prancer had been easy pickings. Vixen had taken longer. He had one poisonous dart left hidden in the recesses of his red, red, nose. Blitzen edged out and now Rudolf had a perfect line of sight. Pow, he sent the poison dart. It hit its target and Blitzen fell to the ground. The Reindeer Games were over. Rudolph was the Victor, and he would get to guide Santa’s sleigh tonight!

 Debbie Manber Kupfer and Bronia Kupfer


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