Remembering Snowy



In the acknowledgements of P.A.W.S., I remember the cats that have been part of my life that inspired my writing. The earliest of these was Snowy.

Snowy found my family when she was small. We actually shared her with the family across the street. They called her “cat”. We called her Snowy. It started as a joke as Snowy was almost completely black. Almost, but not quite – she had one white whisker.

For those of you who have read P.A.W.S. that might seem familiar. Miri’s cat form was based on Snowy. For the holiday collection, “Twas the Night Before” I wrote a little memory of Chanukah with my mum and dad – a funny sweet memory that I’d like to share with you here.



 One of my favorite childhood memories was lighting the menorah with my parents on each night of Chanukah. For eight evenings my father or I would light the candles. Then we’d say the blessings and my mother would play Maoz Tzur (Rock of Ages) on the piano and we would all sing. Our cat Snowy didn’t like our music. As soon my mother played the first note she would dash out of the room as fast as her little furry legs would carry her. She would then hide until she was sure our terrible performance was over.



Download the whole collection for free here.


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