The Little Candle by Joey Kupfer



I know Chanukah was done a couple of weeks ago. But today the second edition of the Fiction Writer’s wonderful holiday collection came out and I’d like to share with everyone my son Joey’s first ever published poem which appears in the collection.

The Little Red Candle

A little red candle, wanted to be shamash,
On the first night of Chanukah, she asked.
“You can’t be the shamash unless you’re blue!”
So the little red candle got painted blue,
On the second day of Chanukah they said,
“Not unless you double your size by two!”
So the little blue candle grew by two!
And on the third, fourth, and fifth nights
Each candle took its turn
When would her wick get to burn
On the sixth and seventh nights she wanted to glow,
“Can I be the shamash?” but they said, “No!”
The final night of Chanukah came.
“I guess you can be the shamash today!”
The big blue candle shouted “YAY!”

Joey Kupfer, age 11

(Note: The shamash is the helper candle on the menorah that lights all the
other candles. In our household Joey gets to choose the candles each night and
ALWAYS chooses blue for the shamash.)

Download the complete collection here.


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