RHP – Interview with Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Robin Writes

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the RHP author whose children’s book, Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol, is arriving on shelves everywhere.


Congratulations on your new children’s book, Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol! You published the book previously; can you tell us how your first experience is different than this one?

Thank you Robin, it’s certainly a pleasure to talk to you!  Having Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol taken into print by Rocking Horse Publishing is really exciting because MCC is really my first officially completed book manuscript.   MCC, as a unique Christmas classic for all ages, was initially published as an E-book simply because it seemed a relatively fast, independent way to get the book and the story out there. Everybody was talking about E-books, so away I went with it.

Being a complete newbie, I  too soon discovered I had no idea about the amount of work or the difficulties involved in the process…

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