Today Is Read Tuesday

Some great books out there – only 99 cents on Read Tuesday – spread the word.


rt-fb-banner-2I don’t ordinarily ask people to share my posts.  I’m pleased and a little surprised when people find something I’ve written interesting enough to pass along.  I don’t see that I have any right to expect it, so I don’t feel comfortable putting “Please Share” on any of my posts.

This one is different.  Today is Read Tuesday, which is the brainchild of Chris McMullen.  It’s a mega-sale for e-books, and there are dozens of participating authors and loads of discounted books.

So I am asking, please share this.  Repost, Retweet, share on FaceBook, Google+, whatever you can.  This is a great deal for readers and there is something for everyone.  I, personally, have my books on sale all this week, but many of these deals are going to be today only, so please help us reach as many people as possible.

Thank you.

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