Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It: A tribute to Junie B. Jones

RIP Barbara Park

Author/ Writer Julie Young

Junie        I discovered Barbara Parks’ irreverent kindergardener when my own son was five-years-old. Not since Fudge Hatcher has any literary character made me laugh as much and I quickly devoured every book that featured the plucky Junie B. Jones whose middle name stood for Beatrice “but I don’t like Beatrice, I just like B. and that’s all.”

Just last week I was reading “Turkeys We Have Loved (and Eaten)” the last Junie B. book Parks wrote before her passing, to my son. Though he is 16 now, we still enjoy sharing books together and he loves the over-the-top way I do Junie’s voice. Needless to say, we were both distraught to learn of Parks’ passing this morning and I suspect that we will spend at least part of the day revisiting our favorite Junie B. Jones stories including: Aloha-ha-ha, Junie B. Has a Peep in Her Pocket…

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