In Defense of Fast Food

This afternoon I went to McDonalds to read and work on Brendan Quigley’s Sunday New York Times puzzle. I had a latte and a pumpkin pie. It cost me $3 and was just as good as the same fare I might have paid $10 for in Starbucks. 

I go to McDonalds a lot – I mostly buy salads (a dollar a piece). It’s a great place to hang out, read, write, people watch. There’s a huge stigma attached to fast food places in this country, but as the author of this article points out, it’s mostly unwarranted. I’m just as likely to get a poor quality meal or drink in a fancy restaurant as I am in my local McDonalds and more likely to meet rude staff in that expensive restaurant.

Sure there are unhealthy choices in McDonalds, but so there are in every restaurant and even at home!

In Defense of Fast Food


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