Teen Read Blog Hop Day 2


Day 2 brings a wonderful new selection of authors to enjoy and a 5-minute writing contest:

Blogger – Kate Bainbridge – http://read2review.com/
Author – Greta BurroughsBlogger – Jennifer Loiske – http://jenniferloiske.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/inspiring-teens-blog-hop-meet-author-cedar- sanderson
Author – Cedar Sanderson

Blogger – Lisa Cresswell – http://www.lisatcresswell.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/october-15-teen-blog-hop-week.html
Author – Tim Flanagan

Blogger – Debra J Jameson Smith –

Author – Sharon LedwithBlogger – David Lowbridge –  http://tinyurl.com/kdqs5dr
Author – Amanda Haulk Taylor

Writing Contest at 7.45-8.45pm CST / 12.30am GMT

Blogger – Wendy Strain – http://www.writeonwendy.com/5minutefiction-week-171-guest-judge/

Starring author Greta Burroughs
This is a five-minute fiction contest open to everyone. Please join in. The task is to write a short story using a prompt provided by Greta. A prize will be awarded to the winner. It’s a lot of fun and an exciting way to show off your skills at writing.
Come join in the fun, and stay tuned tomorrow I will be hosting author Lisa Cresswell on this page, and I will be visiting with blogger Kate Bainbridge – see you there!


One thought on “Teen Read Blog Hop Day 2

  1. I guess we’ve been fortunate. At about seven or eight all of our kids started reading even more. They begged us to take them to the library. At this point it’s almost a vice with them, albeit a good one. Best of luck to you!

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