Let’s Talk: Young Adult – A conversation with Michael Chulsky


Today I invited fellow Rocking Horse author Michael Chulsky to guest blog on Paws for Thought. Michael’s new book The Descending Darkness  was released a week ago, and on Thursday he embarked on a month long blog tour. I am privileged to have him stop here at Paws for Thought  for a visit.

So tell me Michael, why do you enjoy the young adult genre?

“I love the genre because being a young adult myself, I can relate to the characters. Whether it’s a first crush or an embarrassing moment they think is the end of the world – I’ve been there and can empathize with them. Another way I relate is that I’m always growing, changing, and learning. I feel that one of the most important aspects of a Young Adult novel is the character’s growth. I don’t think there can be a happy ending unless there’s been a new experience or a lesson learned somewhere. Unless you’re Applejack – excuse the My Little Pony reference.”

That’s fine – Ponies are cool! So why do you enjoy writing the genre?

“I guess it all boils down to what an amazing author I know once said – write about what you know and you’ll never go wrong. I’ve had some experiences that most probably have not. I’ve also learned some very important lessons. I feel that because I’m an author and the ability comes to me naturally, it’s my job to share those experiences and lessons with others. I write for my generation and younger because I truly believe they’re the ones that can benefit from my stories the most. And if those outside of my intended audience enjoy, it would be the icing on the cake. And who doesn’t love icing?”

Tell me about one of your major influences in the YA genre.

One of my major influences in the YA genre is Bleed by Laurie Stolarz. When I first read the novel, I was barely fifty percent into the first draft of my debut novel. I remember reading and thinking how amazing it was that someone could weave such a complex story together and have it make perfect sense. I didn’t expect the level of profundity from a YA novel. It was unbelievable how random events all connected to a final result. It inspired me to add some depth to The Descending Darkness.

Thank you so much for taking your time to talk to me here at Paws 4 Thought.

You can follow Michael’s month long blog tour at


And pick up your copy of the Descending Darkness from Amazon,   Barnes and Noble, or directly from Rocking Horse Publishing.


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