Enjoying the Journey


Last October two weeks before NaNoWriMo the idea for P.A.W.S. came to me in a flash. I clearly saw a young girl, Miri, being passed an amulet of power by her omama, Celia. I saw Celia’s story too. How she used her charm to escape from the Nazis in Austria. But I decided to write Miri’s tale first.

Partly that was because there were secrets in Celia’s past that I didn’t want to reveal too early. Partly it was because I knew I couldn’t do Celia’s story justice without a good deal of research first, and I was anxious to get started, to grab onto Miri’s story before it disappeared.

So that was last November. I wrote P.A.W.S. as if I was on a whistle-stop tour. Eagerly hurrying through each part of my journey, anxious to reach my destination before I ran out of steam.

Writing the sequel now during Camp NaNo is a completely different experience. Rather than rushing forward I’m slowing down, taking time to look at the scenery, which is sometimes stunning. – this month so far I’ve explored the Vienna Woods, the mountains of Snowdonia, and a tiny island off the coast of Ireland. 

I’ve also spend days pondering timelines and characters and tracing back through the pages of P.A.W.S. making sure that everything fits together like the perfect puzzle. It’s lucky that Camp Nano doesn’t require me to complete 50,000 words in a month. I know I won’t have a new novel by August, but I’ve stopped worrying about that. I’m taking my time and enjoying the journey.


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