Contemplating a Paper Cup

Back in St. Louis I spent some time with my daughter today in Saint Louis Bread Company (Panera in the rest of the country) and started contemplating the ubiquitous paper cups and thinking about how different this is from Israel and Europe.

During my trip I visited countless cafes and fast food places and was struck by one distinct difference – real cups, plates and cutlery – virtually the only time you’ll see a paper cup is when you’re ordering a drink to go – as it should be. The only exceptions American franchises like Starbucks and McDonald’s  Even in the vast food court in Stratford’s Westfield shopping center the food was served on real plates, cutlery and cups, that were dutifully collected by a real human being to be washed and reused.

Why is this simple act considered so difficult here in the States, that only “real” restaurants can do it? 


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